Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Flight 1549 Interview - Si Ying, Katelyn & Nicholle



Interviewer: Si Ying
Passenger: Katelyn
Passer-by: Nicholle

Si Ying: Let's invite a survivor of this incident to talk about this.
What did you see and hear from inside the plane during the first stages of the incident?
Katelyn: I was sitting at the left side of the cabin, at the window seat which overlooked the left engine. I heard loud thumps from outside and I turned to look out. That was when I saw the engine full of geese!

Si Ying: What did Captain Sullenberger announce to all the passengers and what happened afterward?
Katelyn: An announcement from Captain Sullenberger was made. He said ‘Brace for impact!’ and the sentence was then repeated by the cabin crew as they scrambled to their respective stations. All around me, passengers were getting into the brace position as fast as possible while trying to shout over each other to ask the cabin crew what was going on. I could see the fear and panic in everyone’s eyes and some family members even hugging each other. Then, I could feel the plane jerk forward, heading downwards at a very fast speed. Within a few minutes, I could feel something hitting the craft extremely hard. Various objects flew up into the air and several people bumped into each other.  I then looked out of the window to see that we were in the middle of the Hudson River. Water started gushing into the plane immediately and people sitting near the exits were assisting the cabin crew in getting the doors open.

Si Ying: How were you rescued?
Katelyn: All passengers started leaving the craft through the various exits, some even stood on the wings of the craft, hanging barely above the water. I was lucky enough to get into a raft and made it to the shore.

Si Ying: Now let's invite an eyewitness to tell us more about the situation.
How did you happen to see the incident?
Nicholle: I was driving my car along the Hudson River on the way home

Si Ying: What did you see from the time you spotted the plane to leaving the site?
Nicholle: At about 3.28pm, I saw a plane, which I later found out to be Flight 1549, suddenly turning at a very steep angle and heading down towards the Hudson River at quite a fast speed. The plane then proceeded to dive down further. After less than 3 minutes from first spotting it, I saw water splash from the impact and coated the plane as it landed on the surface of the river. It hit the water with a lot of force and slid forward a huge distance before coming to a stop. The water rafts were then deployed and passenger, as well as crew members, started streaming out of the different exits. I saw passengers standing on the wings and others on the water rafts. The last person I saw emerging from the emergency exit was Captain Sullenberger. Many vessels and boats along the river immediately started moving towards the crash to rescue the passengers. The boats then headed back to shore as the passengers were cared for by paramedics, who had already arrived at the scene. After seeing the first batch of passengers being cared for, I continued my journey back home.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Eyewitness report (Flight 1549) - Daryl, Namaan, Linus



Cameraman everyone
Captain Chesley Sullenberger: Daryl Teo
Passenger: Linus Soon

This is an exclusive interview with Flight 1549 captain Chesley Sullenberger, detailing his account of the plane crash.

Interviewer: Captain ‘Sully’, you are being hailed as a national hero, saving all the passengers of Flight 1549 by making a emergency crash land in the Hudson river. Please tell us about it.

C. S: I knew i had to do something quickly. Both engines were dead. It was too dangerous to make a landing at the nearby airports, though air control was trying to help clear a safe runway.

Interviewer : Passengers of the flight called you a hero and a great captain. What do you think about that?

C. S: It is my job to give passengers a great, comfortable and safe flight. I think that every captain should be called a hero as we all put passengers and crew members lives all before ours.  

Interviewer: Now we have a passenger from the flight, to tell of his feelings about the incident.

Passenger: Oh, it was REALLY terrifying.  I heard about how we were going to land and my hopes of surviving went down. However, I’d say our captain did an outstanding job, even though I have little idea about the standards of aviation. The other crew were also very helpful, calming the passengers whenever they got startled.

Interviewer: Can you tell me about the incident ?

Passenger: When we first ran into the birds, one of them got smacked into the window . I thought something was wrong. The captain then announced of our immediate landing at Hudson River. I prayed for life that i would survive the mishap. Luckily, my captain Chesley Sullenberger, pulled off one of the best ditch landings and made it safe to land on the hudson river. We all heaved a sigh of relieve as we got out of the plane.

Flight 1549 interview (Larissa, Rachel and Jolene)

Flight 1549 interview (Larissa, Rachel and Jolene)

Video Link: https://youtu.be/FE5ql9JOmqw

Eyewitness report (Flight 1549) - Kiefer, Dharsan, David

David: passanger? 
Dharshan: kile
Kiefer: interviewer

Welcome back to
B for birds
I am news caster mike camo and
Today we bring you news regarding  flight 1549 ,
A true miracle, we managed to interview a passenger and an eyewitness
We will be welcoming a the first eyewitness ,
Good evening Kile,
K:hi there
So what happened on the day itself
k:Well you know i was on my yacht with my family on the hudson just cruising when i saw a p
Crashing from the sky it was around 8am.  
So what was the situation like after the crash
K; well everyone was scared and panicked the plane landed somwhat horzontaly and looked fine
But it started to sink slowly. I saw how all the passengers ran out the plane to stand on the wings they looked panicked and they were screaming help.
I  get close enough and help the passengers .

Well thank you for your time
K: no problem
That's all for kile on to Phil, the passenger on 1549 plane

Hi there phil
P hi there m8
So i heard you were aboard the plane when it was crashing how was it like?

P: i was in my seat, reading my book when the captain, Sully said announced that we were going down as both pour engines stalled… he also followed his speech by saying not to panic!
His tone was enough to tell me i was in safe hands. It was around 8pm when we crashed and the sky was darkening!

We were told to go in a crouching position to protect us from the initial impact of the water.
We skidded across the water like a rollercoaster.we slowed down and finally the exits were opened.
Everyone rushed out but i was too shellshocked and stalled. But Sully came for me ordered me to leave this caused me to snap back to reality and i ran out the plane, luckily some ships were nearby and i was saved by a guy named kile on his yacht.

So thats the end of our interview have a good one!

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Flight 1549 Eyewitness Report (Asher, Ethan, Abel)

First interview


Asher: How did you feel when you knew that both engines lost their thrust?

Abel:I felt very afraid and panicked but I know that the lord shall show me the way and lead me to safety by guiding my hands and allowing me to save the passengers of that flight by landing in that blessed river.

Asher: What was going through your mind when it happened?

Abel:I was panicked, but I knew that I had the lord helping me and he would not allow me to die as I am a son of him,

Asher: What made you decide to land in the Hudson River?

Abel:I didnt make that decision, the lord did by guiding my hands and my brain and leading me to safety

Asher:How did you feel at the end of this incident?

Abel:I felt relieved and grateful to the lord as he had guided me to safety along with the kind souls of the flight 1549.

Second Interview

What did you feel when you knew that the engines of the plane were not working?

What happened when the plane was landing?

What happened after the evacuation?